Friday, April 30, 2010

The Decline Of Western Civilization Part II

In my mind heavy metal has always been for dads. Well, not for mine… but you see one wading through every crowd; Kiss tank top and stonewash denim, probably wishing they were cruising along to their Driving Anthems CD, mullet a-buffeting in the wind instead of it being picked at by the kid on their shoulders. My interest in this documentary then, was unexpected. Penelope Spheeris takes her cameras to Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip to follow the late-80s heavy metal scenesters and she asks them all the right questions. ''So what do you have to say to people who think your music maybe isn't all that original?'' she asks. ''Would you go out with a girl if she pays for some food if you didn't like her? Isn't that prostitution?'' and, ''Are you in it for the money?''. It’s hard to say where the trashy begins and the products of the time (be they mousse or hairspray) end but, after a while, the hairstyles start to steal the show. At first they are simply amusing. Then you feel the urge to run your fingers through them. And towards the end the faces are forgotten and the hairstyles start to take on their own personas, like little wispy creatures - which is a welcome distraction from the stupid and deluded answers the chauvinist dicks are giving underneath.

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