Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Guest Post | Will Oldham

Scout Niblett - "Nevada"

Emma Niblett is something magic. I'd heard and heard of her, and then I saw a picture of her in a magazine! A mutual friend, Steve Gullick, introduced us. It isn't much to meet someone. I have met heroes in my dreams, and heroes in my waking life. Often the dreams are more instructive. Meeting Emma was an absolute blur of the two. At times I felt like Wendy in Peter Pan, with Emma as Peter.

She asked me to come to sing with her on a session at Electrical Audio. We sang a number of songs together. I didn't sing on 'Nevada', but it is my favorite song from that record. SILVER BELLS. Maybe a year after the recording, there was a Scout Niblett show in the woods above Santa Cruz, California. I was living not far away, in Sausalito. I went to the show, and Emma and I agreed to perform a song that we had sung together on her record, 'Kiss'.

The show was in the hills, in the redwood woods, and I was already disconnected and free from much of my understood existence, staying for a time in parklands on the Pacific ocean. Getting on the stage there in Brookdale and singing 'Kiss' was completely disembodying. Finally I was in a world of song, and not alone. The chord structure brought me back to the first records I had spent money on, music of the 1950s and 1960s. And then a duet, it's living in one's life-of-the-heart/mind but there is another there to establish that it is real and not (fully) insane.

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