Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Guest Post | Will Oldham


Unknown - "So Bad"

We used to see movies in the theater multiple times. Two movies I remember seeing more than once on the big screen are 'The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings' and 'The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh'. My friend Todd identifies a sub-genre of movies as 'assemble-the-team' movies, and these are two perfect examples of this sub-genre.

I idealized the identification of a community made of diverse individuals who could only fulfill their respective destinies by working as one, not at all by diminishing their individualities. My interest continued with 'The Magnificent Seven' and 'The Dirty Dozen', among many other movies.

In real life, it was a rare experience to witness or participate in such joinings. However, I met a real-life Lee Marvin about a decade or so ago in the person of David Tibet, and sat at times at the 50-yard line of some of his recent manifestations. And through Tibet, I became aware of Baby Dee.

This video is of a young girl singing a stand-out song of Dee's, 'So Bad', from 'Love's Small Song' (later collected on 'The Robin's Tiny Throat'). Dee asked Matt Sweeney, another in Tibet's crack platoon for a while, to lend a hand in making her 'Safe Inside The Day' record, and together they invited me in to work as well.

Every night during the session, after a long day of hard work, I listened to Susanna & The Magical Orchestra's recording of Leonard Bernstein's 'Who Am I?', I think because the confluence of wonders had my self-awareness spinning madly out of control and the song helped to ground me through its voicing of the common question.

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